In Turkey, many want to know what real estate companies are doing and what these companies can offer, especially in the competitive labor market and corporate profile is one of the most important tools for promotion, advertising and expression of the culture in which companies operate.
 Today, I will give you a simple guide about the works that our company is interested in through the Abu Arram Real Estate and Public Services Company website.

Abu Arram Real Estate and General Services Company

It is our pleasure to introduce our company through this file. The following pages summarize our past experience, affiliations, current projects, future goals and practical capabilities.
 Abu Arram Real Estate and Public Services Company in Turkey works around the clock through the most prominent consultants and experts looking for customer comfort, which has earned us share experiences, progress and growth over the past years.
 Abu Arram Real Estate and Public Services Company, which was established in Turkey, works as a leading company in the field of real estate and possession of Turkish citizenship, and also in various fields, from being a trend in the quality of work and existing employees.
 Despite the difficult times we have faced on our journey, we believe we have successfully reached a stage of self-confidence.
 Respect and dignity Our pride is built on highly qualified employees, solid financial levels as well, on the trust given to us by customers and all people, and above all, a high team spirit looking forward to achieving the same goals and dreams in our company, and whether it is the partners managers, engineers, financial and administrative staff or technicians and workers, we are all working to build a strong, peaceful and prosperous future.

Introducing the company and the objectives and policy that include:

Abu Arram Real Estate and General Services Company is on its website, which contains specialists, experts and real estate consultants to receive customers around the world and respond to all inquiries raised, and also inform you of what needs to know in a legally simplified manner.

  • We always strive to satisfy customers by providing all real estate services in Turkey at the lowest prices and costs that exhaust customers.
  • We strive for sustainable growth to be the most trusted company at the global levels in all operations, the most credible and also fair in our customer relationship.
  • Our values are built on integrity, credibility and development by repeating the question on the flaws encountered by customers, to ensure the sustainable success and long life of this company….

‘We learned from yesterday’s experiences to live today, and that we work hard to keep the company running for tomorrow and the future’.

Many people are looking for companies that have a business precedent with the same type of services provided through us and that do not care about customers and customers either, as they are from our priorities to satisfy others and follow the right we have done over the previous years.

About Abu Aram Real Estate Company

Abu Arram Real Estate Company is a Turkish company specialized in real estate consulting in Turkey, based in Istanbul and licensed under the law of the Turkish Companies Law.
 It has contracts and agreements with most of the largest construction companies in Istanbul and directs its dealings to foreign investors wishing to own in Turkey.
 Abu Arram Real Estate Company was established by a professional team specialized in the Turkish real estate sector and in the field of investment and real estate marketing, to attract all attention to it to become one of the leading and reliable companies in this field.
 It is worth mentioning that the activity of Abu Arram Real Estate Company is a large-scale activity, we are marketing projects inside and outside Istanbul, and our activity includes all types of real estate such as:

  1. Private apartments of all kinds (smart / modern apartments / sea view / near the center / duplexes etc.).
  2. Luxury villas of different types and sizes (sea view villas / fully independent villas / investment villas).
  3. Agricultural land and land intended for construction.
  4. Shops large and small (shops / offices / stores and in the world).

Abu Arram Real Estate Company and each member of its staff seeks to provide the best investment opportunities that are also the closest and most suitable for the requests of its customers, taking into account their financial budget. Abu Arram Real Estate Company provides additional services related to real estate as well as properties, including:

  • Renting or reselling the property
  • Full and comprehensive property management
  • Abu Arram Real Estate Company’s vision for Real Estate Investment

Abu Arram Real Estate Real Estate Investment Company believes that our success is the result of transparent practices that are the basis of our dealings with our customers and are in line with the meaning of the treatment of the staff of Abu Arram Real Estate Company.

Abu Arram Real Estate Company’s vision in Turkey

Abu Arram Real Estate Company’s vision is to be the first leading company in providing innovative consulting services in the Turkish real estate sector, in line with the needs of investors, whether they are institutions or individuals, which helps to turn Turkey into the first destination for foreign investors.
We have seen a rapid expansion from one company to a group of companies serving the field of real estate investment as well as the dissemination of the latest news and related economic information.
 Today we are proud to secure the needs of customers on an individual or institutional scale.
Our main goal is to provide the highest possible service to all our customers and work to satisfy them, by studying their goals accurately and scrutinizing them as two years to choose the right property for them and achieve returns as well as the optimal profit return, by spreading knowledge and experience in all available ways.
 In the end, we look at future opportunities with passion and promise to provide the finest consulting services that help investors in the Turkish real estate sector.

Communicate with Abu Arram Real Estate Company

You can contact the consultants of Abu Aram Real Estate Company and inquire about all the services you want in various ways, which will be answered as soon as possible…Through
e-mail :
you can write to us, or through the direct and dedicated customer service number 00905333815188 or the same number via WhatsApp.