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Dear customers, welcome to Abu Aram Real Estate Company in Turkey, your first address.

Why is Abu Arram Real Estate Company in Turkey not other companies? Important points to stop before choosing your real estate agent.

It is not surprising that the majority of investors wishing to own in Turkey prefer to deal with Abu Arram Real Estate Company in Turkey, as they are looking for confidence as well as the best options for ownership.

The best real estate company in Turkey

Be with Abu Arram Real Estate Company experts in Turkey when buying and make the best decision:

  • Work in a highly regulated environment to ensure full transparency and professionalism for our clients.
  • Leadership and professionalism: A leadership team with extensive experience in international and regional companies.
  • Professional and multilingual customer support service: Our customer support team is fully prepared to meet your needs and respond to your inquiries.
  • Close understanding and global focus: understand and respect the customs and traditions of all our customers.
  • Full accompaniment also to all customers who arrived at the airport for the moment they received the property.
  • Field visits with highly experienced and professional sales representatives.
  • Research and analysis: Daily analysis and forecasts of the Turkish real estate market provided by the portal of Abu Artam Real Estate Company in Turkey.
  • High value offers and attractive opportunities to get a great profit return.
  • Guarantee the most suitable prices and the best offers.
  • Providing a variety of services to our customers in line with the highest international standards.
  • Providing a huge number of projects in line with all customers with different desires and budget.
  • Providing projects and real estate in different positions, some of which are under construction and some are ready for delivery and also under development.
  • Providing real estate consulting and real estate development service.
  • Follow-up especially after buying the property.
  • Property management including tracking payments, monthly invoices, etc.
  • Marketing and leasing the property and converting it to a second source of income.
  • Providing suggestions and consultations to raise the efficiency of the property or developing it to the owner of the property.
  • Resell the property and find serious customers.
  • Establishing Turkish companies and opening local bank accounts in Turkey.
  • Great accompaniment and follow-up for each client and another who wishes to obtain residence or Turkish citizenship.
  • Legal and financial advice from expert lawyers and follow-up of clients until obtaining the title deed.
  • Follow up all matters related to the property and represent the owner before the official and government authorities as well.
  • Collect the amounts and revenues due to the property owners on time.

The strongest real estate company in Turkey

  • Great, in its foundation and experience.
  • Trustworthy and dependable.
  • Great in its services and transparent in its dealings.

Communicate with Abu Arram Real Estate Company

You can contact the consultants of Abu Aram Real Estate Company and inquire about all the services you want in various ways, which will be answered as soon as possible…Through
e-mail : info@abuarram.com
you can write to us, or through the direct and dedicated customer service number 00905333815188 or the same number via WhatsApp.