Real estate residence in Turkey

September 29, 2022
الاقامة العقارية في تركيا
In this article, we have collected for you all the information about real estate residence in Turkey, starting from the simple identification information, through the steps to apply for it and the necessary papers, down to the common inquiries about this type of residence in Turkey and the notes related to it.

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Learn about real estate residence in Turkey

Here is some important information about this type of residency:

What is the real estate residence in Turkey?

Real estate residence in Turkey is a type of short-term residence permit granted to anyone who owns real estate or immovable property in Turkey, and the real estate or property must be a residential house and used by the applicant for housing.

How long is the real estate residence permit in Turkey?

It is usually granted for a period of one or two years, subject to renewal, as long as the property is owned by the applicant

To whom is Turkish real estate residence granted?

Turkish real estate residency is granted to foreigners who own real estate in Turkey,
and one real estate can be a candidate for real estate residency for more than one person if they share ownership of the same real estate.

Unfortunately, however, the wife or children are not granted real estate residence unless they are real owners and have a name in the title deed.

Is Turkish real estate residence permit available to all foreign nationalities?

Real estate residence in Turkey is available only to those who can own real estate in Turkey, and among Arab nationalities, only those with Syrian nationality are not entitled to own real estate in Turkey.

The minimum amount of real estate through which you can obtain a Turkish real estate residence permit?

For the state of Istanbul, the price of the property must be at least 70 thousand US dollars, and this limit applies to all large states in Turkey, as for small states, the minimum starts from 50 thousand US dollars

Now that we have initially obtained sufficient information to learn about real estate residence in Istanbul, let us move on to the real steps to obtain residence legally.

What is the percentage of acceptance or rejection of real estate residence for foreigners in Turkey?

All real estate residence applications in Turkey and Istanbul in particular are often approved after fulfilling all the conditions required for obtaining or renewing residence, and that all papers are official.

However, this does not preclude the occurrence of some cases of residency refusal, perhaps for reasons that the Presidency of Immigration deems appropriate, and this can be objected to if the reasons are not convincing.

See the details in the following paragraphs.

  • Steps to apply for real estate residence in Turkey

Submitting an application for real estate residence in Turkey in Istanbul is according to the following steps:

  1. Book an appointment for a residency interview, and the reservation is done electronically, and fill out the application form via the Immigration Department website in the “First Time” section.
  2. The site will book an interview appointment at the earliest date, and the interview location, date and time will appear on the page
    Keep this information, it is very important
  3. Print the application, the website will save the application as a PDF electronic file. You can print this file
  4. Extracting and processing all the required documents and making sure that the documents are complete and that the form is signed by
  5. the owner of the real estate residence application in Turkey
  6. Gather all documents in one workbook to present them together at the interview

Of course, you can take these same steps when requesting a real estate residence renewal as well.

  • When is the Turkish residence application submitted?

The application for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey is submitted for the first time after owning the property and obtaining the tapu, but it is required that your residence before obtaining real estate be a legal residence

For example, that your visa is still valid, or that the duration of your current residence is valid,
such as a tourist residence permit, for example.

In the event of the renewal of the real estate residence permit in Turkey,
the renewal application must be submitted two months or less before the expiry of the current real estate residence permit.

  • What do you do at the time of Turkish residence?

You must appear on the date allotted for you to obtain the real estate residence permit,
whether for the first time or for renewal, and bring all the documents required of you, and present them to the competent employee.

You do not need to bring an interpreter during the residence date,
because the immigration officials speak more than one language, including Turkish, Arabic and English.
The application steps are clear and do not require the presence of translators

In general, the file is studied later and you are informed by the Immigration Department of approval or rejection.

  • The papers required for real estate residence in Turkey

A real estate owner in Turkey who wishes to obtain real estate residence in the Republic of Turkey in any Turkish state requires both of the following documents in order to legally complete the residence application file:

  1. Real estate residence application form in Turkey “signed by the applicant or his legal representative”
    An appointment for residency must be booked online, like any other type of residency in Turkey.
  2. The original copy of the passport or travel document
  3. A copy of the passport or travel document: the pages that contain the data of the applicant + the number of the passport or document +
    Date of issuance and expiry of the passport or document + entry stamp and visa
  4. A tax number, which you can obtain for free from any tax office
  5. 4 colored personal photos on a white background, not more than 6 months old
  6. A valid health insurance that covers the entire period of residence “If the property owner is over 65 years old,
    he does not need to obtain health insurance.”
  7. If the applicant is under the age of 18:
    A copy of the family book or family record extract must be submitted,
    translated by a sworn translator and certified by a notary/notary
    It is indicated on the application form that the applicant is a minor,
    and the parents or legal guardian sign the application on behalf of the minor.

    1. A residence document issued by the civil status department to which the place of residence belongs
    2. A copy of the application fee payment receipt
    3. The original Tapu document with a copy certified by the notary/notary
    4. Numarataj or Name Tash as it is commonly used, which is a document for the building and real estate numbering plate.
      You can request the document from the municipality to which the property belongs
    5. The DASK earthquake insurance policy is a type of compulsory insurance that you can get at any insurance company


  • When will the Turkish real estate residence be cancelled?

The real estate residence permit in Turkey can be canceled in the following cases:

  1. That the owner of the property sell his property and not buy another property
  2. If it is discovered that there are forged documents in the residence application
  3. Residency may be canceled for security reasons if the person poses a threat to public security in Turkey
  4. That the real estate residence permit period in the current Turkeey expires and the property owner does not renew it


Notes about real estate residence in Turkey

In order to guarantee yourself an official and legally acceptable residence, you must adhere to the following notes to obtain an integrated opportunity to accept the real estate residence application in Turkey, and these notes are:

  1. Make sure to submit the application before your visa expires
  2. The passport (or travel document) must be valid for more than 6 months
  3. In the event that the application is for a family, all the previous steps are followed and a separate workbook is prepared for each family member.
    Each family member will have their own interview appointment
  4. The interview date issued by the Immigration Department is a personal appointment for the applicant and the date of the interview is very important
  5. The applicant for real estate residence in Turkey, who is a minor, is accompanied by the parents or legal guardian
  6. Payment of fees shall be exclusively in cash and in local currency (bank transfers and credit cards are not accepted).
    So be sure to bring enough cash to pay the application fee,
    and in the event that the applicants are a family, the payment will be for each application separately.
  7. Ensure that your Proof of Application document is stamped by the Immigration Department before your departure
  8. The residence card will be issued within 30 to 60 days from the date of submission of the application and it will be valid for one or two years (depending on the application).
  9. In the event that the passport (or travel document) is valid for less than a year,
    the residence validity is the validity of the passport minus 60 days
  10. In the event that the documents are not complete,
    the employee will inform you immediately of that, or in the event that the Immigration Department requests additional documents after receiving the Reeal estate residence application in Turkey,
    The applicant will be notified via an SMS text message,
    and in both cases the applicant will be given 30 days to submit the additional documents


Important questions and inquiries about Turkish real estate residences

There are many questions that come from those who wish to obtain real estate residence in Turkey or who already have it,
We have collected and answered them for you, so that this article becomes a complete guide for you,
and you will find clear answers to your inquiries:

What are the conditions for real estate residence in Turkey-Istanbul?

The applicant must be the owner of a residential property in Istanbul and have a Tapu document in his name

Is residence granted to owners of commercial real estate or lands in Turkey?

The real estate must be residential in order for the real estate residency to be issued.
As for commercial real estate, shops, offices, lands and farms, all of them are not considered suitable for obtaining this residency

Is there a specific space for real estate to nominate you for real estate residence?

It is only required that the price of the property be more than 70 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira

Is the real estate residency extracted if the owner lives in a neighborhood prohibited to foreigners?

Yes it can
Prohibited neighborhoods apply only to those wishing to obtain a tourist residency.
As for real estate or student residency, they are not included in the ban

Does real estate nominate you for Turkish citizenship?

no sorry
To obtain Turkish citizenship by owning real estate, the price of the property must be at least 400 thousand US dollars,
or its equivalent in Turkish lira

Is real estate residence in Turkey granted to the family as well?

Your family members can obtain tourist residence permits or other types of residence permits available to foreigners in Turkey,
or some of them can be added to the property title deed in order to obtain a real estate residence with you on the same property.

What do I do after selling the property?

You should consider obtaining another residence permit, either as a tourist one,
as it is the easiest in terms of conditions, or any other type of residence permit available to foreigners in Turkey,
otherwise you must leave Turkish territory after the end of your stay.

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Real estate residence in Turkey is one of the most important residence permits granted to foreigners according to Turkish law.
It is considered safer and more distinguished than the tourist residency and longer than the academic residency,
which is only related to the duration of university studies.
Therefore, foreigners go to extract it and think about it.
Not to mention the advantages of real estate ownership represented by stability or saving money from loss and investing it, and other advantages of owning real estate in Turkey

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